• The purchase of a campsite DOES NOT include Admission to the festival. You MUST buy your Admission Pass (Weekend or Single-Day) which includes access to the campgrounds! If you’ve purchased a Single-Day Admission Pass, you are allowed to camp ONLY on the day/night of the Admission Pass purchased.

  • Only (1) Sleeping Unit (Trailer/RV) and (1) Tow OR Personal Vehicle permitted per site.

  • Any extra vehicles can purchase a Weekend Parking Pass to park overnight all weekend long. You can purchase a Weekend Parking Pass.  If you're camping for one night, you can purchase a Single-Day Parking Pass to park a vehicle overnight for one (1) night. Single-Day Parking Passes will be available for CASH ONLY for $10 at the Parking Lot.

  • Shuttle Service to and from the campground to the Main Entrance.

  • Free Showers

  • Daily Activities

  • After Party

  • Have any questions relating to our camping offerings? You can review our Camping FAQs 





  • A max of six (6) people is allowed to camp per site.

  • All General Campsites are 20x60 on a field of mixed gravel roads and dirt pads for camping.



  • We’re making Tent Camping a comfortable experience by moving all Tent Sites to a brand new area that has more campsites and grassy areas to set-up your camp!

  • A max of (4) people can camp per Tent Campsite.

  • Tent Campsites are 10x15.

  • All campers who purchase a Tent Campsite MUST have a Tent Camping Wristband to be allowed into the Tent Campgrounds. All Tent Campsites come with (2) Tent Camping Wristbands. If more than (2) people are staying in a Tent Campsite, they MUST purchase an Extra Person Tent Camping Pass

  • Separate entrance and exit from General Camping.

  • No RVs or vehicles allowed in this campground.



  • A max of four (4) people is allowed to stay in a Yurt.

  • Yurt Camping includes a 14’ Canvas Tent on the grass

  • Each Yurt includes (4) Yurt Camping Wristbands.

  • Separate entrance and exit from General Camping.

  • No RVs or vehicles allowed in this campground.



  • A max of six (6) people is allowed to camp per site.

  • VIP RV Campsites are 20x60 on the grass

  • Electrical Sites are available in this campground - 30 AMP and 50 AMP.

  • Campground is in close proximity of the Main Entrance to the festival.

  • Separate entrance and exit from General Camping.



  • A max of six (6) people is allowed to camp per site.

  • North 40 Campsites are 18x36 on an asphalt lot.

  • Campground is in close proximity of the Main Entrance to the festival.

  • Seperate entrance and exit from General Camping.


Campgrounds open TBA

Checkout time is TBA


All 3-Day Passes grant entrance to the campgrounds -

overnight camping requires the purchase of a campsite


All single-day pass holders will be required to purchase a Camp Access wristband to gain entry to the campground!

All campgrounds are credentialed areas. ALL PERSONS entering the campgrounds must have a 3-day pass. If caught in the campgrounds without the proper credential, you will be immediately escorted off the grounds and relieved of all your festival credentials.

Curfew -  2:00 a.m. curfew will be enforced in all campgrounds except the Party Zone.

Generator Curfew at Midnight and all generator must be vented up to a minimum of 10 feet



There are absolutely NO KEGS or VENDING (distributing) alcoholic beverage inside the campground.


All camping is primitive. Portable potties and trash disposal is provided.  Private portable potties are available at an additional fee.

24-hour security will be provided in all camping areas, but please secure your campsite.


NO PETS ALLOWED in the festival venue, festival grounds, parking lots, or campgrounds.


No outside food, beverage or alcohol is permitted in the venue or in the parking lots. Outside food, beverage, and alcohol is permitted in the campgrounds only.


All vehicles entering the campground MUST have a camping credential sticker in plain sight on the right-hand side of the (passenger) windshield.


Bring your couches, carpets, swimming pools and pink flamingos!! We encourage it! Make your campsite your own. You never know, you may win “Country Fan Fest” best campsite and receive a special prize.

No overnight camping in the single-day parking lot.  Overflow parking will be available to those requiring additional space.


No golf carts, boats, power scooters, dirt bikes, or ATVs are allowed on site. No cruising on motorcycles or in vehicles within the campground or parking lots. Violators will be removed.

No vending is allowed in the campground. Violators will be removed from the premises. No exceptions.



Security is provided by the Tooele County Sheriff’s Department and a professional security company.


Citations will be issued for violations. Drinking age of 21+ will be enforced.

In the event of severe weather, a warning will be issued by patrol cars. Please follow the instructions given.

If you need to be notified for an emergency, your family must contact the Tooele County Sheriff’s Department.


Any disturbance of your neighbors or other campers will not be tolerated. We expect you to have fun and also respect your fellow campers.

Security officers have the authority to ask any person or groups of people who are abusing the noise curfew to leave the grounds without a refund. All state and local laws will be enforced by law enforcement personnel.


Vehicle Curfew - For the safety of our festival goers who are camping vehicles will not be able to enter or exit the campground 30 minutes prior to sun down and 30 minutes after sun rise. If you arrive after approx. 9:30 PM you will be directed to park and camp in the general parking lot until the campground reopens at 8:00AM.


All Sales Are Final - No refunds or exchanges permitted. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items nor damage to person or property..


3-Day pass holders will receive one pass for the entire festival. Do not remove it unless you are not returning to the festival or the campgrounds for the remainder of the event.

Disorderly conduct and destroying of property will not be tolerated and is grounds for ejection.


Campfires - No campfires or open flames will be allowed.

Grilling will be decided closer to the festival by the Grantsville City Fire Dept. in accordance with any local bans that might be in place.




Please be advised that by attending the event you are implicitly agreeing that Country Fan Fest may use any photos taken of you by our photographers for promotional purposes and your image may be used on our website, social media, TV spots, or printed materials.


Law enforcement officials and event officials are empowered to make arrests and evict campers and festival-goers from the site without refund for any action that is in violation of law or actions that could jeopardize enjoyment of the event by others.


Any violation of the above policies will be subject to having your wristband removed and being escorted from the festival and/or campgrounds with no refunds and subject to fine(s) according to state and local ordinances.