2020 / 2021 FAQ's


If I want to keep my tickets for 2021, how do I transfer my 2020 tickets?

THANK YOU! If you wish to transfer your ticket order to the 2021 festival, no further action is needed, and your ticket order will be valid for next year’s event! Make sure to keep your 2020 Order Confirmation for reference. If you have any changes in your shipping address, you can log into your Elevate Account to make updates. 


Is there an incentive if I keep my tickets for 2021?

Yes! For those Fans who choose to keep their ticket we have something special cooked up as our way of saying THANK YOU!  You will receive a special ticket free of charge that will allow you early check-in to your campground starting on Wednesday at 10 a.m. and access to a campground pre-party concert that night!  That means you will get another night of music and camping for free!  This ticket will be available for purchase once Country Fan Fest 2021 goes on sale later this year. 


I’d like to keep my tickets, but I’m having a hard time making my payment plan. Can I request a deferment of payment?

As a way to ease any financial stress for customers that keep their tickets, we’ve paused all payment plans starting April 1, 2020 until June 1, 2020. If you opted into our payment plan at the time of purchase, your payment plan will resume after June 1 for the next scheduled payment. All orders must be paid in full before wristbands begin shipping in 2021. We will NOT be deferring payments on a case-by-case basis after June 1, 2020. 


Will the lineup stay the same for 2021?

We’re doing everything we can to make that happen! Our team’s already in conversations with our 2020 artists and are working hard to bring back the same great lineup but, as always, the lineup is subject to change based on artist availability. 


How do I request a refund?

  • You should have received an email(s) from Elevate Ticketing with refund information and a link to initiate the refund request. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

    • Yes, you DID receive the Elevate email:

      • Click the refund link in the email you received from our ticketing company, Elevate Ticketing, (Remember, Elevate will send you one email per order so you’ll have to request a refund for each order separately). Follow the instructions to initiate the refund for that order.

    • No, you DID NOT receive the Elevate email:


Is there a deadline for requesting a refund for the 2020 event?

All refund requests MUST be submitted by Sunday, May 31st 11:59 p.m. (MT). 


Can I request a refund after May 31st?

No, refund requests will NOT be accepted after May 31st. 


If I don’t request a refund by May 31st, what will happen to my tickets for the 2020 event?

If you do not request a refund within the refund request period, your order will automatically be transferred to 2021. Your tickets will be valid for the 2021 event. 

I’d like a refund for part of my order (i.e. I want to return my Admission tickets, but keep my campsite), is that possible?

No. We will be offering full refunds ONLY. We will not be issuing partial refunds on orders for Admission, Camping or Add Ons. 


Will taxes and fees be refunded along with the tickets purchased?

Yes. All fees and tickets will be 100% refunded. 


I purchased tickets within more than one order. How do I request a refund for multiple orders?

If you have multiple orders, you will receive an email per order placed via Elevate Tickets. You will need to request refunds for each order. 


If I request a refund, will I lose the ability to renew my campsite for future Country Fan Fest?

If you’ve purchased a campsite and request a refund, you will no longer be able to renew the same site for future Country Fan Fest events. The site will be released to the public for purchase. 


I no longer have the credit card I used to make the original purchase, can I submit a new card for the refund?

Yes. Orders will be refunded back to the original card used at the time of purchase. If you no longer have the credit card originally used, you will be able to verify the old credit card and submit a new credit card to receive your refund. If you don’t have a new credit card, you will receive a check refund. 


How long will it take for the refund to be processed?

All refunds will be processed within 30 days from when the request period ends on Sunday, May 31st 11:59 p.m. (MT).


I forgot what I purchased, where can I review the contents of my order?

To review the contents of your order, you may log into your Elevate Account and view your ticket information. You can access the Elevate Login here


If I have any issues with the refund portal, what should I do?

If you’re experiencing any issues with the customer portal, please review the FAQs. If your issue is not listed within the FAQs, please email refunds@countryfanfest.com.


When will tickets for Country Fan Fest 2021 be available for purchase?

Tickets for the 2021 event will go on sale later this year. Follow our social media pages for the details!


If I transfer my GA campsite (or GA ticket) will I be able to upgrade that to a VIP campsite (or VIP ticket) should there be some available? 

Yes, if others do NOT renew their VIP campsite (yurt, ticket, etc.) these will become available for public purchase. First come, first served.


I forgot which card I paid with so I cannot confirm the last 4 digits of the card that was originally used.

If you are unable to locate the last 4 digits of the original card used for purchase we recommend reaching out to your bank the card was associated with to get that information. The original purchase method must be verified and confirmed before issuing your refund. Once you have that information, you are able to go back to your refund link and try again.


I would like my refund to go to a different card than the original card used/ I do not have the original card used anymore.

Refunds are automatically processed to the original card on file. If that card is no longer active, lost, compromised etc. the funds may reroute to the bank account that the card is associated with, or you may be prompted for further information to validate the original card to receive a refund. If the account itself is closed, please contact your bank as they should have your refund. 


I bought my tickets from a friend or reseller. What do I do now? 

Your ticket(s) will still be valid (assuming they’re authentic CFF Only primary ticket purchasers will receive a refund. If you did not purchase your ticket directly through the official Country Fan Fest website, please contact the person / party you purchased your ticket through.


My original purchase credit card account is closed.

If your order is refunded to an account that is no longer active please contact that original bank for those funds. 


The link/website is not working for me!

Please note that these are custom links so if you found this link online or got it from a friend it will not work for you. 


I never got my email for a refund.

Make sure to check your spam/junk folder. If it’s not in your spam/junk folder, please email refunds@countryfanfest.com with your Order Number and email used at the time of purchase. Our team will resend the refund link. 


If you're having technical difficulties while filling out the refund link with the information you provided. Please read below:

Getting an 'unable to retain credit card' error.


This error occurs when the card that you are trying to refund is showing as an invalid card. This typically happens when customers are trying to refund a card that is no longer active or has no funds in the account, therefore seeming invalid in our system. If you are getting this error, please try refunding to another debit/credit card.


When I enter my new card for a refund, the information I have to confirm is saying it is not correct.

If you need a different card refunded than what was originally on file you are able to enter that new card for your refund. At that point it will prompt you to confirm some information from your order. When filling this out please try your billing AND shipping postal code if you get an error. If you do not remember the last 4 digits of the original card used, please contact that bank to get that information as we cannot provide that.


The link/website is not letting me fill out my order information.

Please note that these are custom links so if you found this link online or got it from a friend it will not work for you. 

I'm still having difficulties getting my refund!

If you tried all options above and cannot submit your refund form please email refunds@countryfanfest.com.


If I won tickets off of a radio station will it roll over to 2021?

Yes. Your radio winnings will roll over to 2021. Make sure the radio station has your contact information and make sure to stay in touch with them. 


If I won tickets from a radio station, am I eligible for the free entrance and party on Wednesday? 

No. But you will be able to purchase tickets for that at a later date. 


If I bought a Sweet Deals ticket from KBULL 93, will that ticket be valid for 2021? 

Yes. For any additional questions regarding your Sweet Deals purchase, please email Bonnie at, bonnie.jovi@cumulus.com