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#CFF2019 Artists' Spotlight: Jägertown

Country Fan Fest is excited to welcome a great, successful group of artists to their our stages for our fifth summer festival. Our Utah fans are ready to rock.

Line ‘em up, shoot ‘em down. There’s a party going on in Jägertown - are the opening lyrics of Jägertown, self-titled first album and the title track released over thirteen years ago. This lyric has become synonymous with the band as their popularity grew.  Described as a mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alabama, Jägertown energizes crowds with their fresh, rockin' country sound at festivals across the country.

2019 marks the bands thirteenth year and will see the release of two albums, Lucky 13 a collection of hits from their first thirteen years and Blacktop, a studio album created with Grammy award winning producer Matt McClure in Nashville.

We welcome Jagertown to our stage on Friday and Saturday.

*adapted from the Artists’ Spotify biography.

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