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#CFF2019 Ford Truck WINNER!

Becky is Country Fan Fest's FIRST Ford F-150 winner. Becky was one of ten fans to be invited to the truck giveaway. All fans were asked to pick a key at random. Becky later said she chose her key simply because the envelope was facing up while all the other envelopes were facing downwards - Becky likes to root for the underdog. You don't need to know Becky for long to know that she truly is the champion for those who are unique, this matches her fun and caring nature.

Becky jumped on the chance to go to Country Fan Fest when her friend offered her a free ticket. Becky's partner wanted to go as well, so the same evening she went online to purchase his festival pass. That is when she noticed the Ford F-150 Giveaway. She entered for herself and listed Lynn, her partner's, contact information.

Fast forward to Saturday when Becky, Lynn and family were out in their trailer after a long, hot day. Becky knew something was going one because, "no one calls Lynn's phone for me." She immediately recalled her #CFF truck giveaway entry and thought how cool a story it would be if she won a truck.

When all the key winners had gathered, Becky realized there were many cameras at the giveaway and she was just concerned with staying "behind the scenes." So, when Hal pointed at her to step forward to see if she held the lucky key that unlocked the Country Fan Fest Ford F-150, she stepped forward and gave it a quick press. Even though she could hear and feel the truck unlock - she could hardly believe it. The camera man whispered to her that "it worked." She was shocked and in disbelief. She kept locking and unlocking the truck to make sure it was real. Becky was surrounded by friends and family. Becky remembers "getting high fives from every direction possible."

After winning the #CFF Ford F-150, Becky explained how it impacted her,

"Winning this truck has been life changing. I was a pretty shy person at the time, and all this attention was beyond my comfort zone, to say the least. Now I have people approach me all the time wanting to talk about the story of the truck. I am not sure I was really living life before. Now I enjoy talking with others, and realize everyone has a great story to tell! Thank you Country Fan Fest for changing the quality of my life!!"

We are so grateful to throw such a huge, fun country music festival each and every year. We are growing and none of this would be possible without all of the fans that come out to rock with us! We can't wait to see who wins the next #CFF truck! Have you entered the truck giveaway yet?

Reach out on social media and show us your entries! Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @countryfanfest

See you at #CFF2019! Keep ROCKIN!

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