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#CFF2019 Ford Truck WINNER

Country Fan Fest and Ford have partnered up to get one of our biggest fans into a NEW F-150! Last year began a tradition that we continued this year! This year's winner, Tanya, couldn't be more excited to join last year's winner as a representative of all the rockin' good times #CFF represents.

This was Tanya's first time to Country Fan Fest and to country music festivals in general - they had tried to come last year but the stars didn't align and it was too last minute. They waited all year preparing for #CFF2019. It was definitely worth the wait! Tanya and her friends, no strangers to camping, enjoyed the fullness of the festival and camped the entire weekend.

At the start of the weekend, Tanya download the #CFFapp to help navigate the acts, activities and GIVEAWAYS! Entering the Ford F-150 and Country Fan Fest Giveaway was the first thing she did on the app.

The next day she found out she had been selected as one of ten to receive a key - little did she know her key would open the truck. As the third woman in line, she saw two failed attempts to open the truck. As she stepped up and heard the truck's lock click, she couldn't believe it. "What did you say?" Tanya asked Hal as he congratulated her on being this year's winner. Her family ran up to join her and everyone wanted a picture but, she was still in shock.

Tanya has said connecting with last year's winner was a huge comfort and help. Having so many new conversations with people has been nerve-wracking but very exciting. Tanya has "all these new friends [she'll] have to go meet next year."

This truck came at the perfect time, Tanya and her husband were looking to purchase a smaller (than their F-350) truck so Tanya could drive it!

The key is in your truck, Tanya! From everyone at Country Fan Fest, we are so grateful for all our fans and are so excited for next year's festival! Keep rockin! Reach out on social media with pictures, questions and comments! You can find us @countryfanfest on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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