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#CFF2021 Artists' Spotlight: Lee Brice

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Not only has Lee Brice entertained country music with his country songs but he has also co-written singles for country music legends like Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. His hits like “Love Like Crazy”, “Parking Lot Party”, “Drinking Class” and “That Don’t Sound Like You” are mainstays on country radio - “Love Like Crazy” broke a 62-year-old record for the longest run on the country chart. His latest comes as a feature on Carly Pearce’s album, “I Hope You’re Happy Now” is being played all across the radio. Hopefully this duo come together to play on our stage together!

If you want to hear Lee and Carly sing their hit together tweet us @countryfanfest. Let’s get this party started. Time to get country fan fest ready!

We are so excited to welcome Lee Brice to the Jack Daniel's Main Stage Friday, July 30th at 8:30PM

Connect with us @countryfanfest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be a fan on Facebook to win prizes and more!

*Adapted from Lee Brice's biography

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