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#CFF2022 Artists' Spotlight: Caleb Lee Hutchinson

With his second EP, Slot Machine Syndrome, rising star Caleb Lee Hutchinson plants a flag deep into his Southern roots – standing proudly apart from the country mainstream. Produced by Grammy-nominated Americana talent Brent Cobb, the set moves hard country’s bleeding edge into a new, modern era, with one of Nashville’s most dynamic vocalists embracing a grittier version of himself.

No longer the 19-year-old boy next door from 2019’s self-titled debut (produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush), the Georgia native proves his talent goes beyond what fans thought they knew.

“I felt like everybody had these different versions of me and what I should be – or that I was too young to be in the position I was in,” Hutchinson says. “But I always felt like I had a clear vision of who I was.”

Recording five tracks written or co-written by himself, Hutchinson sets his booming baritone free and give each song a swampy, electric-twang sound, building not just on his own work but also classic artists like Jerry Reed and Merle Haggard. And working quickly with Cobb to capture the authentic magic of in-the-moment creation, each song underscores his newfound artistic honesty.

The project marks the beginning of a bold new chapter for the singer-songwriter, full of outsider’s pride and the sense of bold conviction shared by his heroes. It’s a chapter where he is finally the author of his own story.

“I want to be known for who I am, not who I’m remembered as being,” he says.

We are so excited to welcome Caleb Lee Hutchinson on the Jack Daniel's Stage this summer at CFF2022. Connect with us @countryfanfest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be a fan on Facebook!

Adapted from Caleb Lee Hutchinson Assets

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