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#CFF2022 Artists' Spotlight: Elvie Shane

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Elvie Shane’s dad had a saying. One of those things that sticks with a person all through life – and especially in tough times. “Always forward, never straight,” he’d proclaim, knowing full well that a detour sometimes gets us where we’re headed. Even as a kid, Shane knew it was good advice. He just had no idea how good.

Nowadays, he’s the man behind the most heartwarming country hit in recent memory – the lump-in-your-throat anthem to step-fatherhood, “My Boy” – and Shane knows what his dad meant. The road ahead is rarely a straight shot, and with Backslider, his full-length album debut on Wheelhouse Records, he gives that truth a soundtrack.

“It’s my biography pretty much,” Shane says, waving a flag for the perfect imperfection of our world. “I feel like Backslider is about being human, and I just want to say ‘Hey man, I screw up on a daily basis, and I can’t help it – but I’m gonna get up tomorrow and try to be better than I was. Does anybody want to do that with me?’”

A native of small-town Kentucky, that drive to make the world a little better comes naturally to Shane – and so does his high-energy sound. Raised in the Baptist church, some of his earliest (and fondest) memories come from singing hymns each week beside his Gospel-loving mother. She was the rock of the family, providing Shane with the drive and compassionate compass he now follows in his own music. But when they got home, it was his dad’s boombox that stole Shane’s attention, with the sound of classic rock and country helping pass the time.

Like “My Boy,” Shane co-wrote each of the 15 tracks on Backslider, painting a sonic “bigger picture” of not just himself, but life in small-town America – just as gritty as it is graceful. Each song speaks to Shane’s life journey, revealing different chapters of his story with a sound as distinctive as its maker.

The crunchy hooks of classic rock. The everyday poetry and nostalgia of country music. And the emotional electricity of Gospel and R&B – all with that punchy “edge” Shane knows so well. Feeling like a mix of The Black Crowes and John Mellencamp, the set was produced by Oscar Charles. And after “My Boy” set the truth-telling tone, the flood gates opened.

“I Will Run” kicks the album off with an epic blast of classic rock optimism, working like a preamble. It shows where Shane is now – no longer running from anything, and now running to his destiny – but that wasn’t always the case.

His early days in Grayson County come next, full of untamed energy on tracks like “Love Cold Beer Cheap Smoke,” or flying like an unguided missile of passion down “County Roads.”

Then comes the album’s core, dedicated to his Shane’s wife, Mandi, and how she gave the drifting dreamer a direction – swerving as it may be. Tracks like “My Kinda Trouble” nod to his musical influences (especially Steve Earle’s Guitar Town), while “Saturday Night Me” speaks to the unconditional love all backsliders need.

Later on is Shane’s “Nashville chapter,” with tunes like the soulful “Heartbreaks and Headaches” offering some clever sonic sympathy. And meanwhile, “Keep on Strummin’” works like a country-rock motto for all of the backsliders of the world – and especially those who don’t realize they need one.

“Whether you’re from the United States or the other side of the world, we’ve probably experienced the same things: Heartbreak, family trouble, love, the yearning for a better life. These songs are my personal stories written so they rhyme … but I think they are stories that happen to each and every one of us.”

We are so excited to welcome Elvie Shane on the Jack Daniel's Main Stage this summer at #CFF2022

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