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#CFF2022 Artists' Spotlight: Jordan Fletcher

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Jordan Fletcher’s truth bleeds, breathes, cries, and lives out loud in his music. “All of my songs are autobiographical,” he exclaims. “If I’m singing it, it will be true about me. If you watched a childhood video of me on VHS, this is what you would see. I’m not making this shit up or shying away from what I believe. I’m telling my story.”

The Jacksonville-born and Nashville-based artist conveys his story with play-by-play urgency and intense attention to detail over authentic country spiked with rock spirit. You’ll get to know him not only as a songwriter, but also as a dad, a husband, a surfer, and a believer. After racking up millions of streams independently and canvasing the country with the likes of Muscadine Bloodline and Kip Moore, this approach defines a series of 2021 singles and his forthcoming full-length debut album for Triple Tigers.

In the end, Jordan’s truth might just feel familiar.

“This is a shared experience,” he leaves off. “When you listen to me, I hope you think, ‘This dude went through that? That makes me feel better’. I want my music to be therapeutic. I want to give you a soundtrack to your life, by giving you the soundtrack to mine.”

We are so excited to welcome Jordan Fletcher on the Jack Daniel's Main Stage this summer at CFF2022. Connect with us @countryfanfest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be a fan on Facebook!

Adapted from Jordan Fletcher Assets

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