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#CFF2023 Artists' Spotlight: George Birge

Sometimes the simplest of titles have the most captivating backstory. Listen to George Birge explain the origin of “Beer Beer, Truck Truck,” his ready-for-summer debut single.

Birge (rhymes with “merge”) was scrolling through TikTok when he came across a popular user known as Rynnstar joking that country lyrics are only about beer, trucks, and girls. Determined to prove that in the right hands even the most mundane of phrases can inspire a great song, the Texas-born, Nashville-based songwriter grabbed his guitar and wrote “Beer Beer, Truck Truck,” an up-tempo sing-along about missing the one you love and wooing them to come back. “I know the city called you, go baby spread your wings/I’ll be here waiting on you, out here in the country,” Birge sings.

Produced by Ash Bowers, “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” blends the traditional sounds that Birge heard growing up in Austin — he was raised on George Strait and Willie Nelson — with the studio loops and effects that power country music’s modern-day hits. The result is both interesting and irresistible.

Just two weeks after he posted “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” to TikTok, his video had accumulated nearly 3 million views and his followers grew to 130,000. It also won over Rynnstar, who shared the song with her following; Birge credited her as co-writer.

Now signed to the label RECORDS Nashville, Birge is gearing up to release his debut EP and build on the buzz surrounding “Beer Beer, Truck Truck.” But despite the song’s viral success, Birge isn’t a TikTok gimmick — he’s a legit songwriter with years of experience. Artists as diverse as neo-traditionalist Clay Walker and country rapper Colt Ford have cut his songs, with Walker picking Birge’s “Need a Bar Sometimes” as his new single.

“I play live music so that I can write songs and get in the studio, because that's where my passion is,” Birge says. “I love that rush you get when you find something magical.”

We are so excited to welcome George Birge to the Main Stage in the summer of CFF2023. Connect with us @countryfanfest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be a fan on Facebook!

Original from George Birge's Bio

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