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#CFF2023 Artists' Spotlight: Shane Profitt

Life can change fast – just ask Shane Profitt, an emerging Country star from the small town of Columbia, Tennessee.

One day he was having dinner when his modern-Country hero walked in the restaurant. And after summoning the courage to say hello, he and Chris Janson became fast friends.

Impressed by Profitt’s boots-on-the-ground writing style – and his good Southern manners – Janson began mentoring the aspiring star. He would even send Profitt song ideas, and some days the newcomer would park his mower under a shade tree and work out lyrics over lunch – which eventually led to “The Reel Bass Pro” becoming Profitt’s first cut, appearing on Janson’s All In album.

It wasn’t long before Janson was inviting his protege to open shows, but months went by before Profitt finally put in his two-week notice, quitting his day job and signing a 2021 publishing deal to Janson’s Old Tom Publishing/Anthem Entertainment. And after spending the spring of 2022 rocking crowds on the Halfway to Crazy Tour, “Country Boys” completes his transformation.

Built on the foot-tapping foundation of his granddad’s bluegrass roots, it’s a fast talking Friday-night tribute to the only life Profitt knows, and after landing the singer-songwriter a record deal, his new career is underway.

“It’s such a genuine song to us who actually live it,” Profitt says. “It speaks to people just like me.”

The same is true about the rest of Profitt’s recording debut, which was executive produced by Janson with Big Machine Label Group Chairman and CEO Scott Borchetta and features GRAMMY® Awards winner Julian Raymond as producer. With tracks like the hook filled honky tonker "Better Off Fishin'," the hopeful heaven-on-earth anthem "How It Oughta Be" and chest-thumping charmer "Guys Like Me," Profitt puts his life to music -- along with the lives of so many others. And this is just the beginning.

“I’m a writer on every single song, and I’m not gonna write about something I have no idea about,” Profitt says. “So I’m dang sure not gonna sing about something I don’t know, either.”

“I just wanna be known as the guy that’s been there, and is as genuine as they come,” he goes on. “And that’s not ever gonna change.”

We are so excited to welcome Shane Profitt to the Main Stage in the summer of CFF2023. Connect with us @countryfanfest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be a fan on Facebook!

Original from Shane Profitt's Bio

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